Bravo magazine in interview with Dan

Bravo magazine in interview with Dan

Dan, how many times have you been to Moscow?
– (thinking) It seems to me four times.

Do you have any favorite places in our city yet?
– I always came here giving concerts, living in a hurry and I didn’t remember much. What is it called?.. (to the representative of the recording company). Dima, what is that beautiful wide boulevard called where we’ve been? Do you know what I mean? (trying to remember) Well, to say so, I like the center of your city.

Now you are staying in New York. Do you think it is the best place for creative work?
– Well, I don’t know. It doesn’t depend on the energy of a city. In Manhattan there is very good energy, but as for me, creative work much depends on my inner state.

When was the last time you were in Moldova?
– 3 months ago.

Do you feel much nostalgia for your motherland?
– Of course I do, I grew up there. I like recalling Kishinev, summer camps, Soviet films and TV magazine ‘Eralash’.

Did you study music there too?
– First I applied for the law high school, my father really wanted me to get legal education, it was prestigious then. But later I got bored and I went to the music university. My parents got very upset then.

I don’t think they still regret it.
– (laughing) Surely they don’t.

Do you keep in touch with the former members of O-Zone?
– Practically not. I remember myself being a part of this band with pleasure. But now everything is in the past, we have different interests, but we are still in good relationship.

Why do you change your music style so often? At first you released a rock album, at present you’re making eurodance hits.
– I have dreamed to make a rock album since I was at school. In those times I was a real rocker with long hair. And after O-Zone’s breaking up I moved to Los Angeles to make my dream come true. I was working with a professional team of producers for 2 years. And after that I wanted to create something more interesting, and I created Crazy Loop, for whom I made up а special dance style, special image and music. Then I wanted to make more serious music, what I’m making now.

What is next? Hip-hop?
– Don’t know. To tell the truth, I like working in different genres. My first music work were waltzes, which I composed at the age of 10.

Did you attend music classes then?
– Yes, accordion classes.

Oh, that’s typical for Soviet children. My mother also attended music classes.
– Really? She didn’t played accordion, did she?
Why not?
– She must have been learning how to play concertina or bayan.
No, she played accordion indeed. We still keep it at home.
– Oh damn, I thought I was unique!

Let’s return to your work. In “Chica Bomb” you don’t say anything except this very phrase. What’s the purpose of this?
– If you listen attentively you’ll hear that I sing the whole refrain. They are just not usual and are not like refrains in other pop songs. In a dance song there shouldn’t be many words. So I thought that would be better – much of woman’s sexy voice and my short phrases.

Doesn’t the video appear too explicit to you, does it?
– Of course I expected that. Taking into account that Crazy Loop was aimed at children. But a weird thing – if you search for “Chica Bomb” on YouTube you’ll find many videos where little children dance to my song. I received many letters in which parents wrote, “I do not understand why your song is so special, but my little child just goes mad when he listens to it or sees the video. He doesn’t like any song as much as this one”. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong. But the idea of the video wasn’t that it should appear vulgar. I’ve personally chosen girls for the video and refused many of them because they looked vulgar. To my mind, the video turned to be beautiful and sexy.

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